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File Open JSL: Add Edit

In JMP, File -> Open  for files of type JMP Scripts (*.JSL), the OPEN button has options for Open and Run. 

Suggestion: add a third option: Edit

If the JSL file begins with \\!, Open and Run both run the JSL wiout an option of editing the file without running it first. While you can edit a JSL from the recent files list, you had to have opened or run it first before the recent files list is populated.


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Super User

Ther is a preference in JMP to specify to not run scripts automatically.  Main Menu > File > Preferences > select Windows Specific (or I assume  on a Mac there is something specifivc to the MAC). Make sure the highlighted preference is unchecked. Then teh default behavior is to open and edit.  A script is only withe the special key or , <<Run message.



Community Manager

If you hold the Ctrl-key down when you click the Open in the File->Open dialog when opening a script with the auto-submit indicator (i.e., //!) it will open in the script editor instead of running.