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Add Value Labels option in Column Recode

The column recode platform is a lot easier to use than the value label option.  It would be awesome to use the column recode platform and have an option to save as value labels in addition to the current options of a new column or formula or overwrite the existing column.

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Defect ID: S1453703

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Is your request from JMP13? In JMP14, the Column Recode platform now has an option under the inverted red triangle to "Add Value Labels". But still have to manually type in. Would be nice to have the option to save as a file and import as a file, if used often, instead of having type in each time. Will add this request as a separate wish list. Similar request for Value Ordering.

Community Manager

As noted above, JMP 14 has an option to set Value Labels. Change the Recode to In Place and choose Add Value Labels from the red triangle menu.


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