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Column properties - allow multiple spec limits and control limits based on phase

Would be nice to have more flexible column properties for spec limits and control limits. Current column properties allow only one spec limit or control limit. But many SPC users will have changing control limits and spec limits over time. Currently Control Chart Builder can use a Phase column to separate calculated control limits. Saving to a table it will show the _LCL, _Mean, _UCL, etc. for each phase, with phase as an additional column. Could spec limits and control limits work in this manner? The ability to use a table to pull in the requirements, or save from Control Chart Builder to the Column and not just the table? See wish list requests for more flexible Value Ordering and Value Labels column properties that may interact with JMP tables. Not sure how it would work with all platforms, such as Process Screening. Currently have to write scripts to add changing control limits or spec limits to charts and other platforms.

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