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Please implement in the formal GUI (not a scripting or add-in solution) the PERMANOVA and PERMDISP which are widely used in ecological data and have gained prominence with the groundswell of microbiome research. 


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Defect ID: S1547202

Level I

Yes, JMP really should consider incorporating a PERMANOVA function.  It has gained a lot of traction over the last few years and is the new standard for ecological and environmental data with no assumptions of normality -- avoiding the need for data transformation.  I encourage others that use permanova to post more comments and/or give a thumbs up or "kudo".   

Level V

Is there a "vote" button somewhere? I would like deperately to have the permutational ANOVA capacity (for which I normally rely on PRIMER) in JMP. If nothing else, I wouldn't have to run a parallel operating system (I currently must run Windows for the sole purpose of using PRIMER)! PERMANOVA is excellent for analyzing not only ecological assemblage data (e.g., microbiomes) but also any sort of big, OMICS dataset (or when there are multiple physiological response variables that violate assumptions of normality). It could really make JMP a "one stop shop" for ecologists were JMP to feature PERMANOVA and similar such similarity-based analyses. 

Community Manager

@abmayfield, use the Kudos (thumbs up) button at the top to show your support.


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Level II

Permanova would be a great (and necessary!) addition to the JMP platform, please consider incorporating it!