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Change behaviour (or provide option) when using Find in filters to not remove filter before value is selected

(This might be a bug or feature with Find in filters, no idea, so I will make wish list item)


What inspired this wish list request? 

Working with many unique values in large datasets which sometimes require me to use Find functionality of filters can make JMP fairly unresponsive depending on what type of report you are filtering


What is the improvement you would like to see? 

Provide a new option which would prevent from earlier filter being removed before value is selected. Below is an example how it currently behaves:

1. Starting situation with no Lot_Wafer Label's selected



2. Select one value to filter down the data (1_3)



3. Start typing value to Find to find what you are interested in (1_10), when I get to "1_1" earlier filter gets removed and all data will be visible and no filter selected. I think this is dependent on the values which are visible, for example if I were to search for "2_10" it would get unfiltered after typing "2" because the original value isn't in the list of values



4. How I would like it to behave is to keep the earlier selection (1_3) until I select new value(s) to filter by



Why is this idea important? 

Improves the user-experience when using data filters in JMP by making them feel more responsive.