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Automatically Resize Column Widths

Hi.  I'd like there to be a button, right-click, or double-click option to automatically resize multiple selected column widths based on their content.  I know there are add-ins users have created to do this, but it would be great to have this integrated into JMP.


Similarly, I'd also like there to be way to select multiple columns, drag the column edge of one column to change the width, and have the new width applied to all column (Similar to Excel).



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This is available via keyboard click.

On the Mac select columns that you want to resize and click Option while clicking and dragging the columns.

Similar option for Windows using the Alt key.  See Chapter 2 page 49 of the Getting Started book as shown below.




Resize multiple columns simultaneouslyResize multiple columns simultaneously


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Thanks Stan.  Was not aware of this.  But is there also an autosize feature based on the column content?


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In JSL there is a message <<Optimize Display.


If you happen to use the Add-In Manager  add-in, it's pretty straightforward to create a simple add-in as a JSL one-liner:


Current Data Table() << Optimize Display

and turn it into a menu item (with a keyboard shortcut).


That does what I think you want to the currently open table.

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Outstanding!  I will make as an add-in.  I still request this feature be added as a button or menu option in future versions though.


Thanks for the help John.