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JMP standard template for GR&R


Would JMP consider creating a template for GR&R?  JMP software does have measurement system analysis capability, but that is used after the fact.  It would be great to have a standard template set up so that people can set up the GR&R runs for correct measurement collection for analysis - much like the templates for DOE Design.





[update 29Feb2020 by a community manager]


The Gauge Study Designer add-in satisfies this request.

Level V

Hi, if I understand you correctly, you're looking for a submenu in Measurement Systems Analysis or DOE that allows easy generation of Designs for Gage R&R studies, right?

People who often use the DOE menu will probably find a way to construct appropriate designs for Gage R&R with it, but I would also like a submenu for that specific purpose. Those who carry out Gage R&R analyses are not necessarily the same people who are used to the DOE menu from product or process development, and so a designated submenu for Gage R&R design would make it much easier for them to set those up.

HI Gerd, you mentioned how "those who carry out Gage R&R analyses are not necessarily the same people who are used to the DOE menu from product or process development" and you are right, but we should be!  A richer and broader understanding of DOE would be useful to those of us who routinely perform Gauge R&R Studies. 


@di_michelson on the community posted an excellent .jsl script just for this purpose! 

This could be a great reference frame for JMP to use for implementation in the next release of JMP 15. 


See here under: JMP User Community > File Exchange > JMP Scripts > Gauge Study Design


Level V

Hi Patrick, I agree that this would be ideal.


Thank you for the link to @Di_Michelson 's script. I just tried it. It's a very useful tool!

Community Manager

@Di_Michelson recently converted her script to a JMP Add-in, making this even easier.


Get the add-in: Gauge Study Designer

Level V

Just tried it, fantastic, thank you!

Thanks Jeff!  This works quite well, just like the JSL script.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Not Planned For Now

Closing this as the add-in seems to satisfy the request.

Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered
This add-in works quite well for me!

I would actually suggest integrating this into JMP at some point, driven by menus; and perhaps the DOE menu or the Quality&Process menu is where it should reside.  If we already have this add-in, then you may be thinking "why bother?" 


I'll give you two reasons: (1). Imagine I'm a large medical device manufacturer, and I need to rely on software validation of my current version of JMP to be able to use it in my quality system.  Any standard out of box calculations (driven by menus and commands native to jmp) do not require validation once the software is validated on the whole through the supplier development process. But calculations that are not standard  to JMP, such as those contained in add-ins, are not considered out of box calculations.  Therefore the burden of work is heavier on me to provide evidence that the script generated per the add-in indeed functions as intended. (2)  Ignoring the "validation" piece for now, Imagine that I have read/write restrictions on my computer and since I am not given administrative privileges by default of my IT policy, I cannot even install a useful add-in like this.  Then what?