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Allow common formatting types on Number Col Edit Box

A number edit box can be easily formatted as a date by using the following 

numbox = Number Edit Box( 0 ,<< set format(format("ddMonyyyy")), << set(Today()));
NW1 = New Window( "Example", numbox );

However, in order to achieve a similar result with a number col edit box, the formatting requires the user to pass a number as an argument to the format function. This is not intuitive and the user is left to guess what might or might not work. I would like to request the number col edit box also be provided the functionality to accept commonly known formatting types as a number edit box. 
Here is an example 

// Using Number Col Edit Box 

nR = 7; 
NEB1 = Number Col Edit Box("StartDate",Repeat(Today() - 30 * 24 * 60 * 60,nR)); 
NEB1 << set format(format("ddMonyyyy"));

NEB2 = Number Col Edit Box("StartDate",Repeat(Today(), nR ));
NEB2 << set format(format("ddMonyyyy"));

TB1 = Table Box(NEB1,NEB2);
NW = New Window("test",TB1);  - Link to community discussions post 

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