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Mediation analysis in JMP

Please add option for mediation analysis in JMP. It can be done in SAS using PROC CAUSALMED.

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Level I

To echo @billi I also would like mediation analysis capabilities in JMP (or a help page with easy to follow guidelines on using bootstrap analyses to calculate indirect effects). Mediation analysis is available not only in SAS, but also in SPSS using the PROCESS macro, and is a valuable tool for researchers. 

Level I

Yes, JMP really needs something comparable to the PROCESS Macro for SPSS. I much prefer JMP to SPSS in many, many ways, but JMP is pretty much useless to me without these user-friendly functions to help me with complex analyses/designs. Perhaps hire the PROCESS creator as a consultant to help you make this possible? It would make your software so much more attractive to many of us social scientists!

Level III

Agree - someone please write a script that can do bootstrapped CI for indirect effects (must plan for more than one mediators). Then  work with Andrew Hayes (who wrote the process macro) to work with you guys to do one for JMP that will cover most of his 84 predetermined models in his book (moderation, mediation, mediated-moderation, moderating-mediation etc.)