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Allow SetFocus to be used with interactive display elements (TextEditBox, Button...)

Add functionality to use << Set Focus with different interactive display elements (Text Edit Box, Button, Num Edit Box...) (or create new function <<Set Active or similar). This would help when creating user interfaces to reduce time when using them and remove the need to click around or press tab to get to correct element.


With barcode scanners:

Similar suggestion has been earlier created based on this Set focus on text edit box , suggestion: Set (next) focus on TextEditBox 


Easier default selection for modals:

Default button selection/highlight in modal window 


Returning to TextEditBox after pressing button:

Set focus of display tree (new window) to text edit box 


And in my current application I have a window with TextEditBox used to filter out datatables. I would like the TextEditBox be selected when you open the window as now user has to first click the Text Edit Box to get it active (or I would have to create a workaround).


These can be handled already with different workarounds but I think it should be added as a functionality directly to JMP.