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Add drag-and-drop (no code) analytics workflow capabilities similar to Enterprise Miner

JMP is the best platform for enabling many user profiles to exploit very powerful analytics capabilities without having to write code.  The other side of that is, if we want to automate and/or reproduce this work we need to write code (jsl).  Why don't you create a no-code option to create reproducible workflows to make work reproducible, easy to interpret, easy to explain to others.  We have other platforms at my company which offer this capability and we see that people sandbox in JMP but then move their work to these other platforms to build it into a reproducible workflow using a no-code solution.  I believe Enterprise Miner has a capability similar to what I'm describing.  I personally find Dataiku Data Science Studio to be the best platform to enable this capability, it certainly has the best UI, UX and integration....but it does not have the data exploration capabilities and quickness to insights that JMP provides.  You guys should marry these two ideas.


Note, I know you probably want to tell me that JMP writes the code for you in the background to help you reproduce the work.  That's great, but that's not the solution which is needed nor desired by our users.  We want to abstract users completely from the code as much as possible.

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There exist an open-source (free!!!!) software that is even more attractive than SAS EM. It's called Orange Biolab :

I used it several times, it is very very user-friendly. It just does not have the statistical depth of JMP and SAS, although for machine learning, it does better. But the possibility to visually create the analysis path is awesome.


Are there plans to have something similar in JMP?