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A need for Generalized Linear Mixed Model

What inspired this wish list request? 

A need to apply Generalized Linear Mixed Model (GLMM)


What is the improvement you would like to see?  

A feature in JMP that enables to make such an analysis


Why is this idea important? 

To make JMP as one tool for all statistical analysis. 


Level IV
Super User

I think these were added in JMP17 for JMP Pro Fitting Linear Models > Generalized Linear Mixed Models


JMP17 New Features 




Level IV

Thank you All very much for your input! I checked and it indeed seems to be the case for JMP Pro 17. I am afraid, I am restricted to standard version of JMP :/. But the AddIn is an option. 

Thank you! 

Status changed to: Delivered

GLMMs were added in JMP Pro 17.  Thanks for the input and hopefully you can be able to get JMP Pro if you need that capability to solve your problems.  

Level IV

Thank you, Sam, I hope I will be able to manage to get JMP 17 Pro!

Level IV

The Generalized Linear Mixed Model Add-in is a great contribution but for advanced users it seems to have the limitation that Compound Symmetry is the only repeated measures covariance structure that can be fitted. JMP Pro is definitely the solution for those users who can afford it!