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"Combine" functionality in Graph Builder to quickly restructure categorical variables

For a categorical variable in Graph Builder (e.g. displayed in a Bar Chart) I want to be able to select a number of categories (e.g. out of categories "A", "B", "C", "D", "E"  I select "C", "D", "E") and on right-click on those selected I can choose "Combine". I then have to enter a name for the new combined category, say "CDE", and this creates a new local variable in Graph Builder with 3 categories "A", "B" and "CDE" which are displayed in the Bar Chart (this would use Recode in the background).

On a right-click, the new local variable could be added permanently to the Data Table like with other transformed variables.


This would be quicker than going from Graph Builder into the Data Table, into Recode, back into Graph Builder and using the new variable. And it would have a more dynamic feel to it.


Maybe this could be applied to the Distribution Platform as well, only there it would have to create a new Data Table variable directly as there are no local variables there. The new "Histogram" would be displayed next to the original one.

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Defect ID: S1560720