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JMP Custom Starter QbD (Quality by Design) for Pharma Menu Add-In

This add-in downloads to your menu a JMP Custom Starter Menu created to orient common JMP tools to follow a QbD (Quality by Design) Pharma flow.   QbD is a process to achieve breakthroughs in products, services, and processes that was first devised by Quality Guru Joseph Juran and is commonly used in automotive and pharmaceutical industries (source: Wikipedia).


Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 8.35.21 AM.png


This Customer Starter menu surfaces the commonly used JMP and JMP Pro tools for a typical Pharma QbD flow covering:
- Product Design & Development (Product Scoping, Product Characterization, Product Optimization)
- Process Design & Development (Process Scoping, Process Characterization, Process Robustness & Process Optimization)
- Manufacturing Development & Continuous Improvement (Develop Control Systems, ScaleUp Prediction, Tracking & Trending).  


To see the Master File from which the Add-in Scripts were created, see the following link:


This menu was created with instructions from Brady Brady's article, "Fast and Easy Custom Menus in JMP": https://community.jmp.com/t5/JMP-Add-Ins/Fast-and-Easy-Custom-Menus-in-JMP/ta-p/24054
This add-in was also featured in the recorded JMP Discovery Summit 2016 presentation, "Creating Your Own Dynamic Workflow with JMP Custom Starter Menus": https://community.jmp.com/t5/Discovery-Summit-2016/Creating-Your-Own-Dynamic-Workflow-With-JMP-Custo...

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