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Creating Your Own Dynamic Workflow With JMP® Custom Starter Menus

Brady Brady, JMP Senior Systems Engineer, Global Technical Enablement Team, SAS   

Scott Wise, JMP Principal Systems Engineer, Global Technical Enablement Team, SAS

Would you like to create your own dynamic menus that make it easy for you and your users to quickly access and use just the things that they need in JMP? A new scripted tool is now available to easily create your own JMP Custom Starter Menus without additional coding or large time commitments. In this session we will explain how the tool works and show examples of JMP Custom Starter Menus created to match popular workflows in industry (Six Sigma, Quality by Design, predictive modeling, etc.) and academia (intro to stats, etc.). We will also give a live demo to show how easy it is for you to create a prototype of your own workflow using the JMP Custom Starter Menu.

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