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2022 US 5 Digit Zipcode Shapefiles

2022 2020 Shapefiles for US 5 Digit Zipcodes pulled from US Census Gazetteer.  


04May2023 - updated with the 2022 shape files


links to interesting information; zip codes as defined by the post office are routes for a letter carrier, not areas, and may not be exactly what you imagine. The census folks make the Zip Code Tabulation Areas (ZCTA), somehow, from the routes.


Huge thanks for posting those!

Its nice to stay current.


Hey @MikeD_Anderson I second ! (many thanks)

Any chance you can post the 2023 (or most current) when you get a chance? These end up being handy quite often.

@PatrickGiuliano, & @Byron_JMP  - updated with the 2022 files.  Looks like they don't update them until later in Q3, so that's the latest. 

Fantastic, thank you @MikeD_Anderson!