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Preparing JMP® to Use the InstallShield Silent Installation Method For Microsoft® Windows

Beginning in JMP® 16.2, JMP uses a single-file installer, which requires you to run the InstallShield Response File commands on the setup file as delivered, such as jmp__1620__win.exe. 


JMP 16.2 And Later

To install JMP 16.2 and later using silent setup, complete the following steps:

  1. Create a response file (using .ISS extension). Here is an example: jmp__1620__win.exe -r -f1response-file-name
    • Note that there is "NOT" a space between the -f1 parameter and the file name and that 1 is a number, not a lowercase L.
    • For example, if you want to create a file named silent.iss on C:\, execute the following statement: jmp__1620__win.exe -r -f1c:\silent.iss
    • Alternate Method: It has been reported that the -f1 option might not work on some Windows 10 machines. In these cases, use the command below. It saves the output file to C:\Windows in a file named Setup.iss.   jmp__1620__win.exe -r
  2. To install JMP using silent setup, run the setup again using the response file. Here is an example: jmp__1620__win.exe -s -f1response-file-name
    • Note that there is "NOT" a space between the -f1 parameter and the file name.
    • For example, if you want to use the response file named silent.iss that resides on C:\, execute the following statement: jmp__1620__win.exe -s -f1c:\silent.iss


For Custom Installation: Please see the JMP Note: Add Custom Files To JMP Installation Package


Note: Response files must be created on a physical machine. ISS files created on virtual machines produce errors when used for silent installations.


Note: JMP Technical Support recommends that you use two physical machines for testing the full silent installation process. It is not recommended to test the silent installation on the same machine where the recording (.ISS) file was created.

You can find additional information about deploying JMP software in the JMP Deployment Guides.


If you need additional assistance, contact JMP Technical Support.


[Previously JMP Note 8135 ]

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