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How to Create Physical Media media for JMP® Annual License Versions

Beginning in May 2023, all JMP® software will be provided via electronic download only. JMP will no longer ship physical media as an option. Customers who cannot download the software to their systems due to security concerns will need to download outside of their firewall or have a consultant do it for them.  With the installer and license files downloaded, you can save the files to a USB Drive or burn them on to a DVD.


This JMP Note will provide a basic overview on how to download JMP Annual License and burn it on to a DVD.


1. Download JMP Software & License


Download JMP as described in JMP Note 689071:  How to download annual licensed versions of JMP® Software.


2. Burn JMP Software & License to DVD


You can now burn the software folder (from the My JMP download) or the JMP Software Depot (from the SAS Download Manager) to a DVD for distribution throughout your organization.


For Windows

To see how to burn a DVD on Windows, please see this Microsoft® Windows article:

Make DVDs on Windows 10


For Mac OS

To see how to burn a DVD on Mac OS, please see this Apple® article:

Store information on CD and DVD discs on Mac


If you have additional questions that this note did not answer, please contact JMP Technical Support at or via phone at 1-800-450-0135.

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