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Who will perform 99% of the data science?

Data scientist and technology engineer David Kriesel predicts that, in 10 years, we’ll all be about 20 percent data scientist. A lot more data science will take place, and most of it will be performed by normal employees who have learned the basics of data analytics through their work, rather than through formal data science training.

“We don’t want to build a data science silo in companies. We need to have it in the field, in every team a few people who have a clue about data science,” says David, widely known for his Spiegel Mining data analysis project.

Does that mean data scientist jobs will become obsolete? No. In this video, he explains that the heavy, complicated analyses will still require specialists.


A word of warning to anyone who identifies as a data scientist or future data scientist: Don’t stay in “a nerdy silo working alone on [your] data pipeline, which some data scientists indeed do…but always go seat [yourself] next to the people that produce the data,” says David.

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