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Mission-oriented analytics: An interview with Alyson Wilson of NCSU

What's one of the best things about meeting the thought leaders who join us at SAS? Experiencing the incredible passion they bring to their work. Alyson Wilson is no exception. As Principal Investigator of the Laboratory for Analytic Sciences at North Carolina State University, Wilson is responsible for building partnerships among government, academia and industry to solve big problems facing the intelligence community.

She recently spoke about this mission-oriented initiative in an Analytically Speaking webinar with host Anne Milley. Here’s a preview, where she talks about what she learned during her time at Los Alamos National Laboratory.



“The piece of the statistics that was kind of cool for me was both the sort of problem-solving question, but then this question about ‘How do I combine a lot of different kinds of information?'” says Wilson. “If you’re trying to understand how a battalion of soldiers is going to use a new air defense system…it’s not a question that has a single experiment that’s going to answer it.”

Watch the full interview to learn more about Wilson’s career using statistics to support national security and enhance critical aspects of intelligence analysis, as well as the advantages, limitations and applications of Bayesian methods.