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JMP 14 is here; what is difficult becomes easy

We listen. We create. We fix.

That was the main takeaway from John Sall’s keynote speech at Discovery Summit Europe in Frankfurt, Germany.


John Sall highlights improvements and customer-requested new features in JMP 14.John Sall highlights improvements and customer-requested new features in JMP 14.

John had a smile on his face as he effortlessly demoed the gymnastics involved in:

  • Opening 60 files and then 36 files at once: "It's almost as easy to read in one file as 60 files."
  • Virtually joining multiple tables: "Without needing to do an actual join, virtual join is more convenient and efficient and requires only a single click."
  • Enriching the results of the virtual join with additional data.
  • Cleaning up and shaping results.
  • Building a graph to share the results of his exploration.

John then asked this audience: 

“Would this be more difficult in JMP 13 without Multiple File Import, single-click Virtual Join and Projects? Would it be more difficult in JMP 12 without Virtual Join at all? Would it be more difficult in other software packages? Probably so.”

But the ease of the analytics workflow in JMP 14 wasn’t the take-home message for the room full of more than 200 scientists and engineers.

 Discovery Summit auidence of 200 scientists and engineers prepare to hear John Sall launch JMP 14.Discovery Summit auidence of 200 scientists and engineers prepare to hear John Sall launch JMP 14.

As I explained in a previous blog post about how features get into JMP, one of the biggest inputs is what our customers around the world say about how they are using JMP and how they’d like to use it better.

Today, John said:

"Our users, you, have made us aware of the difficulties you encounter in real work – then we work on them so that next time they won’t be so painful. I want to thank you for all the feedback you've given us, and please keep us informed so we can continue to improve." 

John and the development teams like listening to customers. That is why you’ll find meet-the-developers sessions at every Discovery Summit conference. They want to hear the difficulties, bottlenecks and frustrations that users around the world encounter in doing real-world work. With that feedback mechanism, the development teams are able to know how users are approaching modern problems and where gaps exist – and then they can respond to most of it in future versions of JMP

And that’s why you’ll find that, with every new version of JMP, what was difficult becomes easy. What was slow is now fast. What had obstacles now is in flow. What was disorganized becomes organized. And what was accomplished with friction now is frictionless.

Now that JMP 14 is out, I doubt you will want to go back to JMP 13.

Note: While JMP 14 was introduced today, it will be available for download March 22.


Watch the full John Sall presentation: Plenary Session: Projections and Encapsulations

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