World Statistics Day was yesterday, but we’re celebrating all week long! This celebration means acknowledging the impact statistics has on our world. Who is your favorite statistician? Share with us who they are and why they top your favorites list.
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It's Discovery Summit Americas week!

ds-americas-2020-blog-image.jpgIt's finally here! Beginning today and continuing all week, we are hosting more than 4,000 people from all over the world at Discovery Summit Americas 2020. We hope that includes you.

If you haven't signed up yet, you still can. Check out the agenda and register.

Today, we've got two "unsessions" -- attendee-driven sessions on scripting and predictive modeling.

Plenary speakers this week are

  • John Sall of SAS
  • Caroline Criado Perez, author of the book "Invisible Women"
  • Data journalists Anna Flagg of The Marshall Project, Andrew Ba Tran of The Washington Post, and Aleszu Bajak of Northeastern University
  • Shankar Vendantam, host of the "Hidden Brain" podcast and author of the book "The Hidden Brain"

And there are papers and posters, a virtual bike ride and fun run, yoga class, meditation break and social gatherings. Our virtual conference center has a lot of interactive features and virtual rooms to explore.

We're going to miss seeing you face-to-face. And inevitably, we'll face technical challenges during the week. Microphones will be inadvertently muted, wi-fi will fail, and video will freeze. But we're also confident that the Discovery Summit spirit will be as present as ever and will help us overcome whatever obstacles arise.

We hope to see you in a few hours!

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Level I

My experience at the JMP Summit was greatly enhanced by the assistance from Kirsten Boyd


Level IV

I was surprised by an informative "meet the developer" session that I attended hosted by Chris Gotwalt.  Under the pretense of adding additional limits functionality to Graph Builder, I ended up learning a whole lot about various other topics ranging from Multivariate Model-Driven PCA, to more modern approaches utilizing model averaging to get more robust-fitting models like Robust-PCA and DOE.  Now I'm inspired to attend an upcoming talk on the topic of "Converging DOEs and Machine Learning with Self-Validating Ensemble Modeling," hosted by Chris and his collaborators!