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Aug 27, 2015

Table Attributes Add-In



Have you ever needed to share data and collaborate with a colleague who is not a JMP user?  Perhaps you export data to Excel for those colleagues, only to lose the JMP formulas, table scripts, and other column properties when you bring the updated data back to JMP.  This add-in enables you to export a JMP data table to an Excel workbook along with the table and column properties of the original JMP table in a separate worksheet. Your colleague can then update or modify the data to send back to you.  When you import the workbook back into JMP, all of your table scripts, column properties, and even column formulas will be automatically restored.  This Add-In will also allow you to generate an attribute table for any JMP data table.

Menu Items

Menu Items2.png


JMP Attribute Table

Create an attribute table for the current data table.

JMP Attribute TableJMP Attribute Table

Add Attribute Table Script

Add a script to the current data table that will create an attribute table.

 Table Script.png

 "Create Attribute Table" Table Script"Create Attribute Table" Table Script

Export Workbook with Attributes

Export table(s) to an Excel workbook with sheets for column and table attributes.


 Export Workbook DialogExport Workbook Dialog

Exported Excel WorkbookExported Excel Workbook

Import Workbook with Attributes

Import table(s) from an Excel workbook with all column properties and table variables/scripts.

 Import Workbook DialogImport Workbook Dialog

 Check out my blog post JMP to Excel and back again -- all without losing any table attributes


System Requirements

This add-in is supported for JMP 13 and higher.


Version 1.1 (June 20, 2017)


  • Fixed issue where you get an error when canceling the selection of a data table.
  • Fixed issue where character columns with a formula caused an extra column to be created in the attribute table
  • Fixed issue where validation column properties caused an error when importing the a table.

Version 1.2 (June 21, 2017)


  • Added support for Mac operating systems.
  • Added a prompt when file being overwritten is locked by another process.

Version 1.3 (June 27, 2017)


  • Made a change so that progress bar appears when export process takes a while. Also, an alert message now appears when there are more rows in the data table than Excel supports within a single sheet.

Version 1.4 (November 21, 2017)


  • Added support for all** column properties.
    **Let me know if there's one that does not work, as I did not test them all.

Version 1.5 (January 29, 2018)


  • Added support for maintaining column groups when exporting/importing. 

Version 1.6 (March 12, 2018)


  • Fixed rare issue causing column names not to be imported properly.

 What do you do in the event that the number of rows of the original JMP Data Table exceeds the maximum allowable number of rows that an Excel spreadsheet can take this is usually around 1 million and everything else gets dump into another Excel Spreadsheet. if that happens how is that going to affect your analysis?


Hi @jenkins_macedo,

This add-in uses the Create Excel Workbook() JSL function to export to Excel. This is the same JMP functionality that can be found by clicking View > Create Excel Workbook. This function actually causes the data to be truncated in the output workbook.

In the previous version of this add-in (v1.2), there is a message written in the log that explains that the data has been truncated. I have updated the add-in file on this post so this message is now exposed in a JMP window.

I will look into adding the capability to split this data into multiple sheets in a future version.



Justin - Is there a way to export what columns are grouped together in the columns window?  That is another area where I spend time.  I will organize the columns into section - particularly for files that have a lot of columns.  It would be nice to be able to keep that information when exporting and then importing using this add-in.


Hi @phillips_ad_1,

Thanks for the good suggestion! I think that is definitely do-able. Let me take a look and I will get back to you when I have something for you to try.



Hi @phillips_ad_1,

Can you try out the new version (v1.5) I just uploaded? After exporting with this new version, the column groups will be maintained when importing back into JMP.

Let me know if you have any questions.




Thanks, Justin.  This worked like a charm.



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