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MSA type 1
Level III

Measurement system analysis type 1 with a template in excel, an importer and the MSA1 tool it self.

MSA type 1MSA type 1


Hi @maurogerber ,


I really liked this tool, as I think it is essential that we evaluate the pure repeatability of the measurement system (Type 1 study) before including multiple parts and other variables (ex. operators). I have used in my job a couple of times, so I can analyse the data in JMP. The tool is similar to what I have used in another statistical software in the past.


Would it be possible to share (enable access) to the code please? This is so i can modify some of the text to be more representative of the terminology used in my business. 


Having spoken with @mia_stephens at Discovery Summit Europe this year and the JMP team I work close with ( @James_Bark and @Emmanuel_Romeu ), I am also aware that JMP 17 will have a Type 1 Gauge Study as part of their MSA tool kit, which will be fantastic, but I'd like to optimise what you've done until then.


Thanks in advance.




Hello @VCO 


Thank you and I'm happy to share the code. One way is simply to change the .jmpaddin ending to .zip and acces the JSL file (it's not encrypted).If you prefere, I also can send you the code via privat message. My active account would be @Mauro_Gerber .


Yes, I heard the good news that it will be included in the next JMP 17 version and I'm also looking forward to the release


If you have improvements to the code (apart from the excluded code I apparently left in), please let me know.


Best regards




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