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Jun 23, 2011

Icon Names Addin

This is the icon names program originally created by Jeremy Francis of Intel a few years ago.  Updated a bit for JMP 10, 11 and 12.  You can use the icon names in Application Builder to add icons to button boxes.  Or you can use them in JSL as shown in the following example:



nw = new window("Icon Names",
       text box("Here are some button boxes with icons"),
       lineup box(ncol(1),
              bb1 = button box("TreeMap"),
              bb2 = button box("Surface Plot"),
              bb3 = button box("Filter"),
              bb4 = button box("Exit", nw << close window),
       bb1 << set icon("TreeMap"),
       bb2 << set icon("SurfacePlot"),
       bb3 << set icon("Filter"),
       bb4 << set icon("Stop"),



This produces the following output:


9894_Sample Buttons with Icons.png


Here's the output for the addin:



Thanks Peter. No need to send this to me directly now. I appreciate you providing this. Very useful.


Dear pmroz;

Do you know why my version of your code doesnt work?


button box("Close", <<set icon("Clear"), CEIDsWindow<<close window; CloseAllDataTables() ),


It is exetly like your version only with out the pointer "bbx="...


Thank You very much for the addin!!!!:)

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