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Column Name Utilities II

This is a revision of a tool for working with column names written by @XanGregg


From the original post (link):


  • Move Up the first row of data to be the column names.
  • Move Up and Append the first row of data to be appended to the column names.
  • Move Down the column names into the first row of data.
  • Recode Names to change all the column names in one dialog.  Note that for JMP 14, you need to use the JMP14 version of the add-in and select the "In Place" option in the Recode platform.



2018-08-30: Added a second version of the Addin that accounts for some changes to the Recode Platform in JMP 14.


Thanks Mike, I used this today on some Internet data I imported. Perfect!


@XanGregg deserves the credit.  I just went in and fixed a couple of things that needed to be changed in the original JSL.  Thanks all the same!





How could I get/copy the JSL of recoding column names please? There is a "script" menu but after clicking it I can not see the script anywhere. Thanks in advance


@saitcopuroglu, you'd have to go into the add-in and pull out the JSL.



Hi Mike,

I really like your AddIn especially the "recode" option for managing column names. I would like to ask you if you or one of your colleague know about an AddIn that would rename a series of columns based on the names of another series of columns?



Starting table


Intermediate table where 3 columns were added, formulas were entered via Standardize Attributes:

AAA345Log10 (3)Log10 (4)Log10 (5)
BBB564Log10 (5)Log10 (6)Log10 (4)

Final table (processed by requested AddIn:

NameData1Data2Data3Log10 Data1Log10 Data2Log10 Data3
AAA345Log10 (3)Log10 (4)Log10 (5)
BBB564Log10 (5)Log10 (6)Log10 (4)
Hi! Thanks for the praises! Xan deserves most of them - the addin was his concept. I just tweaked a couple of compatibility issues that crept in.

On your question, there’s a trick I use to do what you’re describing using the current addin. If you look, when the recode window is open, you’ll see the addin creates a table of the column names. If you’ve got a table with names, or can generate your new column names using formulas, you can just paste the new values into the addin generated table. Then you simply cancel the recode operation. Whatever is in the data table will then become the new column names.

Also, I’d recommend having a hard look at the capabilities of recode in JMP 14. There’s not a lot the new implementation can’t do. The developer really out did themselves with the changes in 14.

Happy Recoding!



great help. I was converting the file to excel and then importing using excel import wizard.! This is a big time saver. 

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