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Column Name Utility

  • Move Up the first row of data to be the column names.
  • Move Up and Append the first row of data to be appended to the column names.
  • Move Down the column names into the first row of data.
  • Recode Names to change all the column names in one dialog.

Xan - very useful add-in! The column name recode is very handy (handy enough to be in the Column Utilities menu). Just upgraded to JMP12. Column Recode stopped working. Here is the log:

Command is not recognized in access or evaluation of 'Main Menu' , Main Menu/*###*/("Cols:Recode")

In the following script, error marked by /*###*/

dt2 = New Table( "Exported Columns",


New Column( "Column Names", Character, Nominal, Set Values( col ) )


dt2:Column Names << Set Selected( 1 );

Main Menu/*###*/("Cols:Recode");

Great Add-in  How to move the first row to a Column after a excel import have been slowing me down for years using JMP.

Thanks Add-in works great

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