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Add-in Builder

This add-in allows users to build their own simple add-ins for JMP.


1) In the box for Add-in ID, enter a unique ID for your add-in.  This is typically in the form "com.companyname.yourusername.addinname"

2) For Display Name, enter the name for your add-in that you want shown in the Add-ins menu.

3) Click the "Browse for JSL File" button and locate the script for the add-in.

4) Click the "Browse for Output Directory" to set where to put your new add-in.

5) If you want to install the new add-in after it is built, check the box labeled "Install add-in after build".

6) Click the Build Add-in button.  The new add-in will be placed in the directory shown for Output Directory.


Thank you Jeff, very helpful.

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