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Sep 30, 2016

3D Plot Tools

Version 1.1 fixes a bug in JMP 13 and allows multiple windows to move simultaneously.


This add-in creates animated gif images of 3D scatterplots, and rotates the plot using a method that may (or may not) be more intuitive than the method in the standard platform. Multiple plots can be rotated at the same time, which is useful when exploring the same graph colored multiple ways.


Here is the user interface:



Below is an example animated gif.  Normally the default 10 frames per second is sufficient but if in a conference room with a good computer you might consider 30 or more fps.



And here is what the mouse movement look like. Note how the z rotation does not change even with the 'tilt and rotate' option.  This keeps the plot 'right side up':

Rotate 3D Scatterplot.gif


The source code is on github, feel free to view and submit issues (or pull requests) here or there.


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