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This will be a single resource thread for links to videos and material presented in the user group meetings as well from special webinar series like we did e.g. during the past weeks. I keep this thread in English, as some of the webinars are also English and in Germany, Switzerland and Austria there are also users and colleagues of you not fluent in German who may benefit from this material.


Please watch out in the coming weeks for new material announced here. You may also want to subscibe to this post, to get notifications when something has changed.


All the best and have fun with JMP,

Martin (and the JMP Teams for Germany, Austria and Switzerland)


Recordings from the 2020 April Webinar Series:

PLEASE NOTE: These webcasts supplement the wealth of content in the A-Z listing of close to 200 videos available at JMP.com.  It is highly recommended you peruse the A-Z list to find content from which to learn from academic thought leaders, as well as JMP developers and technical staff.</font size>


links tbd (within the next 2 weeks)


Effizient in JMP (in Deutsch)

Die ersten Schritte in JMP: Basisfunktionen

Exploratives Arbeiten: Erkenntnisse durch einfache Analysen

Grafisches Arbeiten: Zeitersparnis mittels JMP Graph Builder

Produktives Arbeiten: Analysen und Arbeitsabläufe organisieren

Automatisierung: Sparen Sie Zeit durch das Automatisieren von JMP

J(u)MP weg von Excel



Boost your JMP (in English)

Tips and Tricks

How to get rid of manual recurring analytics tasks


Introduction to JSL:
Basics you need to know

Introduction to JSL:
first customizations

Selected examples

Basic Introduction to Custom Designs

Design of experiments - Creating insights by selecting the appropriate design



Widen your view (in English)

How to handle LOD/LOQ data

Exploring Functional Data: Golden Curve and Golden Batch Analysis


Text Explorer to inform your analysis

Data Access using REST API and PDF Import



JMP Discovered (in English)

Data Engineering for Statistical Modeling

Sharing: Dashboards and JMP Live



Strategic Topics (in English)

Moving from a culture of firefighting to a culture of analytics

Smart Trial and Error for Rapid Innovation

J(u)MP away from Excel

Text Explorer to inform your analysis

On to new shores using functional data



User Group Meetings:

DACH User Group 2019 (Material) (Fotos)

Schichtdickenbestimmung an keramischen Filtern mit JMP anhand von automatisiert erstellten Mikroskop...
(Steffen Böhm, Nanostone Water GmbH)


Golden Curve and Model Based Control Charts
(Chris Gotwalt, JMP)


JMP Learning Resources
(Alexander Beck, JMP)

Eine neue Art Datenexploration 
(Martin Demel, JMP)


DACH User Group 2018 (Material) (Fotos)

Definitive Screening Designs – Dinge die man wissen sollte
(Silvio Miccio, P&G Service GmbH)


DACH User Group 2017 (Material) (Fotos)

Workshop: Advanced und Predictive Analytics mit JMP PRO Advanced Regression Methods
(Silvio Miccio, P&G Service GmbH)


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added new recording: JMP Discovered: Sharing - Dashboards and JMP Live
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