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Level III

using web browser box, is there any way I can have it retain BROWSER level zoom between "navigate" events?

I'm firing events into the browser box, but every time I navigate a URL my browser level zoom gets reset.

Browser level zoom like in chrome is controlled with "{ctrl} + {mouse wheel}" or "{Ctr}l + {+}" 


Is there any parameter I can set to control this or maintain the users previous setting?

Coming in at 100% every time isn't ideal.

I have full control of the web page too, but I don't want to do a CSS solution, I have my reasons for using the browser level zoom. I have different zooming functions that use CSS.


Chromedriver and selenium is my other option that I'm using, but chromedriver requires external hooks I'd like to get rid of.

However, it doesn't  have this problem, the instance of the browser retains the zoom level until modified by the user



		wb << navigate (url);
			w = New Window( "JMP_Driver", wb = Web Browser Box());
			w << Set window size (1200,1200);
			//wb << set auto stretching (1,1);
			//w << set auto stretching (1,1);
			wb << navigate (url);