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non parametric tolerance interval

I am trying to calculate tolerance interval. However, my data is not normal so I selected nonparametric method bu it gives me an error "Unable to calculate this tolerance interval". Do I need to select some other option to use non-parametric method?

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Re: non parametric tolerance interval

I am also receiving this error message when using JMP 14.0.0

Re: non parametric tolerance interval

The new warning message you see starting with JMP 15.0 gives more information and says, "Unable to calculate this tolerance interval with given sample size, confidence level, and coverage proportion."  Additionally, more information on how to get ad adequate sample size for your nonparametric tolerance interval is found in the statistical details in the JMP help. See https://www.jmp.com/support/help/en/15.1/index.shtml#page/jmp/tolerance-intervals-2.shtml#ww1685553.

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