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http Request with authentication using windows identity

I'm using JMP 13.0.0.  I'm currently using the function Load Text File (url) in order to retrieve JSON data from a web api running on my company's intranet.  The server requires authentication against our windows active directory.  Currently, a dialog pops up requesting credentials, and I can manually type in credentials when prompted, but I want my script to run without that manual intervention. 


Are there any ways in JMP 13 to automatically pass the windows identity when making a request to a url?  

In Excel/VBA, I can do this using WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1 and calling .SetAutoLogonPolicy(0).  In JMP 14 there is now an  HTTP Request class that maybe has this ability (haven't looked), but we are not yet upgrading to JMP 14.  


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Re: http Request with authentication using windows identity

I do not know the service WinHTTP, so I cannot provide an example.  


You should investigate RunProgram.  It is a JMP function that can run a Windows CMD.exe, VBA, etc.


Attached is a script created for chapter 9 of the book JSL Companion, Applications of the JMP Scripting Language, Second Edition.  


By the way, JMP13.2.1 fixes a few issues found in JMP13.0.0. 


I hope this script gives you enough to achieve your task.

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