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how do i compare three categories against a yes or no response?


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Jul 1, 2014

I want to be able to test hypothesis that we are not saying "No" to clients based on the category they are in.


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Feb 10, 2013


Use Fit Y by X with your groups as the X and the Y/N as the Y.  You will get the graphical Mosaic plot with associated ChiSq tests (the "eyeball" test of the Mosaic plot may provide you all of the information that you need).  For a specific test of hypothesis (all proportions equal vs. at least one mean has a different proportion) under the red triangle select "Analysis of Means for Proportions".  If the groups differ it will be clear as to which group(s) differ from the overall proportion.




Jun 25, 2014

Hi Belinda,

This sounds like a chi-square test of independence, which can be obtained in Fit Y b X as Karen noted. I wanted to add that your data can be in raw or summarized form, but if you have summary data you will need to use the "Freq" role in Fit Y by X. I've attached a screenshot of example data, both in raw and summary format, with the setup in Fit Y by X and the output.

I hope this helps!


6900_Chi Sqaure TOI.jpg