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Community Trekker


Feb 17, 2017

excel add-in problem

Dear all,


Nowadays I have a problem transfer excel results to jmp. Normaly I have jmp add-in on excel. But after a date, it is inactive. I do not understand the reason of this. I do not see jmp add-in on excel menu. When I click Developer menu on excen then COM additions as shown on the attached picture, JMP  Profiler GUI is not loaded written. When I click left box of this, JMP is seen on the menu. But when I close all excel files then reopen excel, jmp add-in is lost on top of the menu. I must go COM additions part and click this box. I reloaded excel and JMP Profiler GUI and JMP Profiler Core, the situation is not changed.

My jmp version;

JMP 12.2.0 (64-bit)

Is there anyone can help to solve this problem?

Thanks for your helps


Best Regards,






Community Trekker


Aug 2, 2017

Re: excel add-in problem



This may help:


Good Luck!