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Super User

What determines which data table is seen as "Associated Data" for New Window?

What determines which data table is seen as associated data for a new window? First drawn report and it's data table? Something else? Is there a way to change that associated table / determine on creation what it should be (without first creating some report which will be removed)?


This example script will have the summary table as associated data, but I would like it to be the Big Class table. I can do it by adding some report and then removing that, but that just seems an unnecessary extra step which can cause also some flickering and jumping around in the window.

Names Default To Here(1);

dt = Open("$SAMPLE_DATA/Big");

dt_summary = dt << Data Table("Big Class") << Summary(
	statistics column name format("column"),
	Link to original data table(1),

nw = New Window("test", Type("Report"),
	V List Box(
		Text Box("CUSTOM WINDOW"),
		H List Box(
		//	dist_temp = dt << Distribution(Nominal Distribution(Column(:sex))),
			dist = dt_summary << Distribution(
				Nominal Distribution(Column(:age), Horizontal Layout(1), Vertical(0)),
				Continuous Distribution(Column(:N Rows), Horizontal Layout(1), Vertical(0)),
				Continuous Distribution(Column(:height), Horizontal Layout(1), Vertical(0))
			gb = dt << Graph Builder(
				Size(528, 456),
				Show Control Panel(0),
				Variables(X(:weight), Y(:height), Overlay(:sex)),
				Elements(Points(X, Y, Legend(8)), Smoother(X, Y, Legend(9)))
	<< Show Window(0)

nw << Show Window(1);

It also affects which table will show the New Window at the bottom of data table in the window listing