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Mar 21, 2013

Variability chart column switcher : report summary in variables

HI All,

i am using variability plateform with column switcher and reading median values from variability report into a variable.

it works fine for first, but when i switch click any other column in column switcher it generates error: "Cannot find item "Variability Chart for height" in outline context {"Variability Chart for height"}".

any workaround for this error. Thanks in advance.


dt=Open( "$SAMPLE_DATA/Big");

new window("",


varcollist=dt<<get column names(string);

varobj=Variability Chart(

  Y( :height ),

  X( :age, :sex ),

  Max Iter( 100 ),

  Conv Limit( 0.00000001 ),

  Number Integration Abscissas( 128 ),

  Number Function Evals( 65536 ),

  Analysis Type( "Choose best analysis (EMS REML Bayesian)" ),

  Show Range Bars( 0 ),

  Show Cell Means( 0 ),

  Std Dev Chart( 0 ),

  Show Box Plots( 1 ),

  Variability Summary Report( 1 )


reportvar = varobj << Report;

try(Number Col Box("", stringval));

Try(string=reportvar[StringColBox(1)] << Get());

Try(stringval=reportvar[NumberColBox(9)] << Get()),

String Col Box("", string);



csobj=varobj<<Column Switcher( :height,  varcollist );


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Jul 28, 2015

Re: Variability chart column switcher : report summary in variables

What version of jmp are you using?  I don't have any errors when running the script. 

I should note that you try to add columns :age and :sex which is impossible since they are both x variables and can't be added to the Y for a variability chart.  Doesn't make much sense to try and compare X to X.  It's uninteresting results.  I'm using JMP 12 Pro and it automatically filtered out those columns in the switcher.  It would have been nice if it automatically filtered the :name column as well since the nominal data is invalid.