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Trouble formatting date from DMY to MDY



I'm using JMP 12 and trying to change my date column from d/m/y to m/d/y, but the format does not seem to be working. It just keeps the date as 04/06/2018 instead of changing it to 06/04/2018. Ultimately, I want to be able to use the date in m/d/y to convert it into the day of year. Is there any way to fix this issue or another way to change the date from d/m/y to m/d/y?


Thank you!

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Re: Trouble formatting date from DMY to MDY

If you would like, you could create a formula column that reformats d/m/y to m/d/y. So in your "New Column" window, you would go to column properties, and select formula. Then you would use the formula

Format(Date, "d/m/y")

The new column will have the date formatted the way you want. Hope this helps.

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Re: Trouble formatting date from DMY to MDY

There is a Day of Year() function and that does not require the data to be formatted in any specific way.  Underlying all date/time formats is an integer of the number of seconds elapsed since midnight, January 1, 1904.  All date/time functions in JMP work based on that underlying value.  However, it is curious that applying a different date format to the column has no effect.  Can you verify that toggling between m/d/y and d/m/y really does not change the table?  If that is the case, try restarting JMP.  If that doesn't help, you need to call JMP Tech Support.

-- Cameron Willden
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