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Sub-sampling data analysis in JMP

In Biology (Plant Sci. and Agriculture) usually we have sub-sampling data for replicates. It's very difficult to analyze these data in commonly use Stat S/W (SPSS/Minitab) because MSS(Error) is calculating wrongly. 
 Without taking averages of samsamples, the easiest S/W for this is using JMP and I need some assistance for this.
 I've found very useful Youtube video about subsampling in JMP  (CRD: Single Factor design) 
Could you please be kind enough to show me; how linear model and ANOVA table looks like for below situations, when there are sub-samplings for each replicates, and how can I analyze data in JMP for these designs (with sub samplings!!!).
CRD: Two Factor Repeated Measures (with sub samplings!!!).
I've collected data for above designs and have to analyze them now. I'm not Fan of "R" so planning to use JMP.
I would be so much grateful if you could help me with this.
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