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Level II

Single Nested Tab Box Issue



I'm having a problem when I save a report that has a single nested tab box. If I save the report as an Interactive HTML, the single nested box disappears. If I have multiple nested boxes they show up ok. For example, this is how it looks when I am constructing the report:



And this is how it looks when I save it:




You may ask why I am creating a single nested tab box to begin with. Good question! Since I create this report with a dynamic script that adds nested boxes as needed, sometimes there is only one box if the amount of data I am looking at doesn't warrant more. However if this nested box is not shown, the user is missing out on the title of the box which has critical information on the process that I am trying to display.


I've tried nesting Tab Box, Tab Page Box, Panel Box and V List Box. All have the same effect. The code I used to create the example above is below. Just run it and save as an Interactive HTML and you will see the issue. I am running JMP16.


Any advice on this? Is there a type of object I can add to the single tab to keep the header from disappearing? 


Thanks for the help



dt = New Table( "Sample_Data",
	Add Rows( 5 ),
	New Column( "Sample_X", Set Values( [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] ) ),
	New Column( "Sample_Y", Set Values( [1, 2, 3, 4, 5] ) )

test_report = Bivariate( Y( dt:Sample_Y ), X( dt:Sample_X ), Fit Line( {Line Color( {212, 73, 88} )} ) );

win = New Window( "TEST WINDOW", tab_box_var = Tab Box() );

tab_box_var << Insert(
	"Tab Box1", // name of the tab
	tab_box_var1 = Tab Box()
tab_box_var << Insert(
	"Tab Box2", // name of the tab
	tab_box_var2 = Tab Box()
tab_box_var << Insert(
	"Tab Box3", // name of the tab
	tab_box_var3 = Tab Box()
tab_box_var << Insert(
	"Tab Box4", // name of the tab
	tab_box_var4 = Tab Box()

tab_box_var1 << Insert(
	"SubTab Box", // name of the subtab
	subtab_box = Tab Box()
tab_box_var2 << Insert(
	"SubTab Page Box", // name of the subtab
	subtab_page_box = Tab Page Box()
tab_box_var3 << Insert(
	"SubTab Panel Box", // name of the subtab
	subtab_panel_box = Panel Box()
tab_box_var4 << Insert(
	"SubTab V List Box", // name of the subtab
	subtab_vlist_box = V List Box()

subtab_box << Append( test_report << report );
subtab_page_box << Append( test_report << report );
subtab_panel_box << Append( test_report << report );
subtab_vlist_box << Append( test_report << report );