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Oct 7, 2014

Re: Script to export AIC into new data table

EUREKA!!! Thanks Jeff, Mark and Ian! You guys taught me a lot in a short time, and gave me the solution that will save me hours of unnecessary click,copy,pasting!

Now, if any of you know how to add a column for the warning text when models don't converge, that would be icing on the cake. But I'm happy with what we've accomplished!


Community Trekker


Jan 5, 2017

Using VBA Macro to import data to JMP and return JMP results back to Excel sheet on Weibull Analysis

Hi guys,

First of all i would like to thank you for sharing your scripting findings and it helped me to be able to automate my data query process. i am using VBA-Macro excel to copy my table into JMP to perform the Weibull analysis and obtain the Scale & Shape values and copy out into my VBA -Macro excel file.Below are the code i used. Hope it will be helpful for others as well.


VBA-Macro Excel.

Sub JMP()
Dim app As JMP.Application
Dim doc As JMP.Document
Set app = CreateObject("JMP.Application")
app.Visible = True
Set doc = app.OpenDocument("C:\Users\ABC\Desktop\WS.jsl")

end sub 


JSL scripts ( saved as WS.jsl format) 

//!       <<<if you want to automatically run the JSL scripts below and it must be at your 1st line in your JSL file>>>. 

dt = Open( "C:\Users\ABC\Desktop\Book1.xlsm" );   <<< JSL will open the excel file into JMP data table to execute the weibull analysis below>>>
fm = Life Distribution(
Y( :Name( "TTF,Hr" ) ),
Censor( :Censor ),
Censor Code( 1 ),
Freq( :Freq ),
<<Fit Weibull,
Confidence Interval Method( Likelihood ),
<<Set Scale( Nonparametric ),
<<Suppress Plot( Nonparametric ),
Interval Type( Simultaneous ),
<<Set Scriptables(
{Probability Paper( Profiler( 1, Confidence Intervals( 1 ), Term Value( Name( "TTF,Hr" )(4846.6174375, Lock( 0 ), Show( 1 )) ) ) ),
Weibull Distribution( Profiler( 1, Confidence Intervals( 1 ), Term Value( Name( "TTF,Hr" )(4846.6, Lock( 0 ), Show( 1 )) ) ) ),
Weibull Quantile( Profiler( 1, Confidence Intervals( 1 ), Term Value( Probability( 0.5, Lock( 0 ), Show( 1 ) ) ) ) ),
Weibull Hazard( Profiler( 1, Confidence Intervals( 1 ), Term Value( Name( "TTF,Hr" )(4846.6, Lock( 0 ), Show( 1 )) ) ) ),
Weibull Density( Profiler( 1, Term Value( Name( "TTF,Hr" )(4846.6, Lock( 0 ), Show( 1 )) ) ) ), Custom Estimation( Weibull, 0 )}
Dispatch( {"Compare Distributions"}, "Life Distribution", FrameBox, {Grid Line Order( 2 ), Reference Line Order( 3 )} ),
Dispatch( {"Statistics", "Model Comparisons"}, "", TableBox, {Sort By Column( 2, 1 )} )

// To automatically copy out the Parametic Estimate data into new data table  (eg: format) 
fmrep = fm << Report;
fmrep[Outline Box("Parametric Estimate ?" )][Table Box( 1 )] << make combined data table;
dt1 = Current Data Table();
dt1 << SaveAs( "c:\Users\ABC\Desktop\AAA.xlsx" ); // to save the file as excel file ( in this case i naed it as AAA.xlsx) at desktop location. 
Close( dt, No Save );
Close( dt1, No Save );


The above scripts is working perfectly for me. 


Just thought to contribute back to this community with my recent finding & learning.