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Saving journals as HTML


Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011

I would like to create an HTML report from a journal which contains various graphical outputs from JMP platforms.

I have created the journal using:

jrn1 = {cp7, cp4, cp6, cp8, cp9, cp2, cp3 } << Journal Window;

which works fine (cp* is various graphs, tables etc). If I then save this journal as HTML from the file menu, it saves the entire journal with all the graphs displayed correctly in the HTML page as I want it.

However, if I try saving the journal as HTML from JSL using:

jrn1 << Save HTML("C:\data\test.html");

it saves all the individual image files, but the HTML file only contains the last graph displayed in the journal. This also happens if I save the journal as a JRN file then reopen it in JMP.

Is it possible to do this correctly and if so, how do I do this?

Many thanks,




Jun 23, 2011

The Journal Window message doesn't return the created journal, so your jrn1 variable actually just holds a copy of the cp* list. The Save HTML is then sent to each item in that list, each time overwriting the previous. Try instead

Current Journal() << Save HTML("C:\data\test.html");