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Reference Line in X - Y graphs: Change to dashed line

Using either Fit Y by X or Graph Builder, then clicking on Axis Settings, we can add reference lines to the graphs. An option is "Line Style". This options appears to be line width, not line style. Specifically, I would like to change a reference line to a dashed line rather than a solid line. Any suggestions?


Re: Reference Line in X - Y graphs: Change to dashed line

The Line Style seems to work for me. One possibility: did you add the reference line then clicked on line style? If so, you need to click on the reference line that you added in that right-hand box (circled in the below picture),


THEN click on the appropriate line style (the blue circled thing that actually looks like a line, not the drop-down box next to it. The drop-down box is line width). Typically I specify the reference line value, label, color, and line style before I ever click the Add button.

Fit Y by X.png

If this does not solve the problem, which version of JMP are you using?

Dan Obermiller
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