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Mar 27, 2015

Mixed Models with JMP: Can I see the Covariance Matrix

Dear JMPers! Hope you all enjoy Amsterdam. Too sad I could not come to ask you personally.

When working with mixed models in JMP: Is there any chance to see the blocks of the estimated covariance matrix. I'm interested in what I get in SAS when using the G, R and especially V options in PROC MIXED. I like to have a look at that to make sure that I set up the model correctly and that the covariance structure makes sense. I'm well aware that I should be able to figure that out myself based on the covariance parameter estimates ... just I don't trust myself completely. Mixed models always feel so complicated :-/

Thanks for any help on that.




Jul 7, 2014

Re: Mixed Models with JMP: Can I see the Covariance Matrix

Yes, you can. Here is my JMP blog post showing fitting three different covariance structures with JMP Pro's Mixed Model personality: Unstructured, AR(1) and CS. JMP Pro for linear mixed models — Part 2