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Minimizing the Home Window in JMP 9

Is it possible to minimize the Home Window in JMP 9 via a script? I have an assortment of windows that have been positioned very conveniently around the screen by an application I'm working on, and I'd like to ensure that the Home Window - wherever it is - is automatically minimized while they're being used, and then automatically restored it to its original position once the application terminates. I note that if I list all the open windows using the little script below, the Home Window isn't one of them - so I can't get at it that way. Is there another way?

// Create a couple of windows;

nw1 = new window("Something", textbox("whatever"));

nw2 = new window("Something Else", buttonbox("Press this button"));

// (I've actually got four windows now, including this script window and the log);


nwin = nItems(window());


for(i=1, i<=nwin, i++, show(window(i-1) << get window title));

Many thanks


Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011

I also have this issue - where I would like to minimize (not close of course) the main "JMP Home Window".  I've tried everything known in terms of window closing commands and no go.  It's as if JMP has exclusively locked this main window out from commands.  I could understand doing this for close of course (as it might shut JMP down, but minimize should be available for scripting IMO).  I mean, I can manually minimize the "JMP Home Window".  This leads into my next question:

Is there some sort of JSL method to minimize a window via Windows (Win7), like an API call (e.g. SW_SHOWMINIMIZED), and not <<minimize window?  That's the only other way I can think of doing this.

Anyways, the best I can do is set the preference to the "Window List" which is somewhat cleaner than the other two initial window options:

set preference(Initial JMP Window("Window List"));



Super User


Jul 13, 2011

You could try something like this:

Main Menu("Minimize All");

nw = New Window("test",

  text box("lonely window")


nw << On Close(

  Main Menu("Restore All")



There is an outstanding enhancement request to provide a handle to the JMP Home Window, which has not been implemented yet.




Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011

Nice!  This bit of code does the trick for me in the very beginning prior to making any new windows of course:

Main Menu("Minimize All"); 

Thanks again... -dj