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Lock JMP table for specific people



I have an add-in that can extract in a JMP table data from a server, a start date and an end date. I would like to know if it is possible within JMP to lock this resulting table so that only the person that generated the table with the add-in can modify the table. The goal is that when he shares it on a shared space with his colleagues, only him can modify it, for his colleagues it is read-only, they can only do some analytics but not modify data. 


I can identify the user with an ID Number.


JMP Version : 16.0


Thanks in advance

Super User

Re: Lock JMP table for specific people

It isn't clear what your goal is.

If you mean to make the table un-modifiable during an analysis, I don't think so.

If you mean only a limited set of people should be able to save the table, do that with the operating system.

Different file servers will look different, but there is usually a way to describe who owns a file and who has permissions for reading and writing.

A windows-based server will look something like this:


deny write permission to everyone else.deny write permission to everyone else.

Be sure to test from another user id!


Edit: You might need to use the everyone group; I added everyone to the file above like this

Right click->Give Access ToRight click->Give Access To