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JSL plugin for notepad++

Just wondering if anyone has made a plugin for notepad ++ that will allow using notepad++ as the editor. 

I like JMPs builtin but there are a slew of features in n++ that would be useful to be able to use.  Plus the ability to use multiple languages is nice. 

Vince Faller - Predictum
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Re: JSL plugin for notepad++

So I actually built a JSL plugin for notepad++.  I'll say how to install it below, but might I recommend the JSL for VSCode extension that we moved to instead.  It's under (semi-)active development and has much more extensibility. You can find it by downloading VSCode and searching extensions for "JMP" or in the VSCode marketplace.  


 But if you just really like notepad++.  Here's how to install it.  

  1. Find your install directory, by default it’s C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++
  2. Go to .\plugins\APIs
  3. Drop jsl.xml in there
  4. If you have cloud settings setup in in N++, go there if not go back to the install directory
    1. vince_faller_0-1592917070875.png


  5. Open your functionList.xml
  6. Open funcitonList(JSL).xml from the zip
  7. paste its contents in as another parser below </associationMap>
  8. Save and close
  9. Open your userDefineLang.xml
  10. Open userDefineLang.xml from the zip and paste that in as another lang wherever looks appropriate
  11. Save and close. 
  12. Reopen N++ and you should be good
  13. ??
  14. Profit
Vince Faller - Predictum
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