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Interpretation of JMP results


Community Trekker


Feb 5, 2017

Hi Martin Yang here:


Recently I did a four ingredients Mixture design, I have some problem with the JMP results.


JMP provides normal plot which indicates which factor is significant. Below is the half normal plot generated by JMP.


As we can see, Alipre ( one type of cement), OPC ( ordinary portland cement), Alipre*OPC (interaction between the two cements), citric acid ( retarder) are significant factors.



half normal plot.PNG


However, if you read the Effects report listed below: Only Alipre cement and Alipre*OPC qualify as significant factors, since their P-Value is smaller than 0.05.


sorted parameter estimate.PNG


My questions is why there is discrapancy betwwen normal plot and Effects Report?  which one tells me which factor is significant?




Martin Y