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How to set different overlay markers on a line chart with multiple lines?


Using the Chart function on JMP, I've plotted multiple lines from several different data sets on a single chart. It seems that JMP's default setting is to distinguish between the different lines/data sets by making each line a different color. I want each line to be black (which I know how to accomplish) and for each line to be distinguished by different overlay markers. The problem is that even though I've selected different markers for each line, when I select "show points," the lines all show a generic blue circular marker. I can get the distinct markers to show up only if I turn "connect points" off, but then I only have points and no lines. How the heck do I get both the distinct markers and black lines to appear together on the chart?

Super User


Jun 23, 2011

Have you tried using Overlay Plot instead of Chart? The behavior you want is pretty much what Overlay Plot does by default.