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How to have few distribution in the same plot?

Hi All,

If I have a few data sets, how to 'analyze>distribution' them so that i get a normal quantile plot with those few data sets in a same plot/figure.
Provided, the data set markers will be different.
In the data table, I have a column to segregate the data sets but if I choose 'analyze>distribution>by segregation' i get few quantile plots.

I would like to have all in one.

This for super-impose comparison to compare the distribution shapes.


Community Trekker


Jun 23, 2011

Well, it's not a perfect solution, but the Overlay Plot and Graph Builder both allow multiple 'sets' of data in the same graph. This won't have the same built in functionality as Distribution will, but if you calculate the values for the quantile plot in a separate column you could use one of the two tools I mentioned to visualize simultaneously.

Super User


Jun 23, 2011

If you search this forum for "Overlay normal quantile" the first hit contains the info you are looking for. Use Fit Y by X with your stacked data as Y and your grouping column as X. Use the red triangle pulldown menu to choose "normal quantile plot" and right click on the resulting plot to get the option to make a legend.